Best Practices for Commercial HVAC Upgrades

Since climate control in commercial buildings is typically provided through a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it is extremely significant for the comfort, continued productivity, and livelihood of the building’s inhabitants to have an effective system in place. HVAC systems account for approximately half of the energy used in commercial buildings. When a system is not functioning properly or needs replacing, it can deter the building’s energy efficiency.

According to Alliant Energy, when a commercial HVAC system requires an upgrade, it is not as simple as going in and taking out the old equipment and installing new. Some commercial buildings may have been in existence for decades. It is not wise to make sudden changes to the building’s infrastructure without following proper protocols.

When you call on us at Coast Mountain Air to upgrade your existing HVAC unit, we carry out a series of complex steps and assessments before we actually touch anything.

Before any work is done, the existing commercial HVAC system is examined and we perform a thorough building and space analysis. This step is done as a safety precaution but also to verify the type of system already in place and the characteristics of the building. We also check the space to determine if there are any current problems with your indoor air quality.

We will carefully consider the existing system and whether we need to go with a replacement that is comparable or totally different to minimize problems in the future. One suggestion may be for the building owner to have a Steril-Aire demonstration to show the significant energy savings, cost savings, and health benefits of using a system that consistently works to improve the quality of air in your facility.

Another essential step to upgrading commercial systems is performing a 47-point commissioning process, in which we test and inspect every function of the new system to ensure that it is performing up to standards. When you call on us, we take every necessary step to provide you with the best quality products and services for commercial HVAC upgrades.